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To view the PUBLIC BALLOT for the State/Federal General Election being held on Tuesday, November 08, 2016 Iosco County, Michigan Wilber Township, Ward 0, Precinct 1, please follow the top link to the left (View your public ballot) and then select:

COUNTY (Select IOSCO COUNTY) followed by,



Please take note July 7th was the last day to register to vote and take part in the August primary and October 11th is the deadline to register to vote for the November general election.

Polls will be open from 7:00AM to 8:00PM.

The General Election will be held on Tuesday, November 8, 2016 in all voting precincts in Michigan, at which time candidates of the Republican Party, Democratic Party, Libertarian Party, US Taxpayers Party, Green Party, Natural Law Party, and Working Class Party and candidates without political party affiliation who seek election to the following partisan offices are to be voted for: Electors of President and Vice President of the United States, Representative in Congress, Representative in State Legislature, Member of State Board of Education, Regent of University of Michigan, Trustee of Michigan University, Governor of Wayne State University, and such other partisan offices that may by law be required to be filled at this election. Candidates seeking election to the following nonpartisan offices are also to be voted in Iosco County at the November 8, 2016 General Election: Justice of the Supreme Court, Judge of Court of Appeals, Judge of Circuit Court.

Other offices to be voted on the 2016 General Election Ballot include Prosecuting Attorney, Sheriff, County Clerk, County Treasurer, Register of Deeds, Drain Commissioner, and County Commissioner, as well as township officials, local school board members, and school proposals.

This page last updated on 10/11/2016.

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